From the concept of ZPD to the practice of dynamic assessment

Moscow State University of Psychology and Education invites to the second meeting of the Moscow CHAT Reading Group “ReadingLive”, that will take place on November, 30 at 18:00 (Moscow time) in Zoom.

Invited expert:
Alex Kozulin, Professor, Head of M.Ed. program in Special Education, Achva College; Director of International Research and Training, Feuerstein Institute, Jerusalem, Israel

Presentation title: “From the concept of ZPD to the practice of dynamic assessment”.

Dynamic assessment (DA) is a rapidly growing trend in psychological, educational and language research and practice. The key element of all DA approaches is the belief that evaluation of individual learning potential is no less important than testing the current performance level and that the best way of doing this is to insert learning or/and interactive elements into the assessment procedure. The goal of this presentation is to identify the main conceptual aspects of DA and to elaborate the relationships between various DA approaches and the Vygotskian theoretical tradition.


Carol Lidz, Professor, USA

With the participation of:

Vitaly Rubtsov – Professor, President of MSUPE

Arkady Margolis – Rector of MSUPE

Recommended for reading:
Kozulin A. Dynamic assessment in search of its identity. / In: Cambridge handbook of cultural-historical psychology by Yasnitsky, Van der Veer, & Ferrari (Eds.)

Project Moderators

Olga Rubtsova, PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor, Head of the Center for Interdisciplinary Reaserch on Contemporary Childhood, MSUPE

Anna Shvedovskaya, PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor, Head of Department of Information & Publishing Projects, MSUPE


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