28.01.2021 P.Y. Galperin’s Development of Human Mental Activity: implications for practice and research

On January, 28th took place the third webinar of the project “ReadingLive: Moscow CHAT Reading Club” , gathering over 90 participants from 28 countries.

The presentation “P.Y. Galperin’s Development of Human Mental Activity: implications for practice and research” was delivered by Irina Engeness, Professor of Education at the Department of Education, Østfold University College (Oslo, Norway), who introduced the book, recently published in the series Cultural Psychology of Education (Springer): P.Y. Galperin Development of Human Mental Activity. The invited expert pointed out, that the volume is composed of eight seminal lectures that were translated into English for the first time, making the legacy of Piotr Galperin accessible to a wider audience of researchers, educators and psychologists. Dr. Ingeness provided a brief overview of each chapter, focusing both on theoretical and practical aspects of Galperin’s concept.

The presentation was discussed by Gethin Thomas, the Research Lead for Sport Coaching and Programme Director for the MSc in Sport Coaching and Pedagogy, Cardiff Metropolitian University, Wales. The expert focused on the implications of Galperin’s conceptual contribution for educational practice and research, and, particularly, gave some examples on how his theory is applied in sports.

The presentation was followed by a discussion, where guests from Russia, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Brazil and Germany took part. The discussion was moderated by Olga Rubtsova, PhD, Head of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Contemporary Childhood.

Video of the webinar is available here


The project will continue its work, inviting for further dialogue and exchange of experience.

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