Ekaterina Klopotova


Senior Researcher

Assistant professor at the Faculty of Educational Psychology

Education and Degrees

2001 – Honors Degree in Pedagogy and Methodology of Preschool Education (Moscow State Pedagogical University).

2005 – Ph.D. (PhD thesis “Influence of the educational situation of the kindergarten on preschoolers’ cognitive activity”.

Further training

2020 – Organization of tutor’s activities in the work with children with disabilities and special educational needs (ANO DPO “Education – Capital”, 16 hours);

2020 – Organization of education and training of children with disabilities in inclusive and integrated education (FSES DO). (DPO «Educational center « Open Education»», 72 hours).

2018 – Current challenges of medical psychology (Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, 144 hours)

2018 – Technologies of inclusive education in higher education (with the use of ICT and e-learning, 72 hours);

Research interests

  • childhood developmental psychology
  • educational psychology
  • children’s subculture
  • development of children’s initiative
  • preschoolers’ play and toys
  • interaction of the teacher with preschoolers
  • digitalization of preschool childhood.

Disciplines and courses taught:

BA program courses:

  • Workshop on early and preschool psychology;
  • Workshop on family counseling;
  • Consideration the age and individual capabilities of children in supplementary education;
  • Workshop “Preparation of a portfolio of educational results of students of preschool and primary school age in supplementary education.”

MA program courses :

  • Design and monitoring of individual education and socialization programs;
  • Workshop “Pedagogical assessment of the individual development of preschoolers”;
  • Children’s play and its place in preschool education;
  • Effective interaction of a teacher with children;
  • Narrative approach in work with preschoolers;
  • Scientific and methodological seminar “Possibilities of individualization of educational work with preschoolers”;
  • Narrative play;
  • Children and computer;
  • Diagnostics of development in the system of preschool developmental education;
  • Consulting teachers and parents in the system of preschool developmental education.

Language Proficiency


Key publications in Russian (abstracts in English):

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  3. Possibilities of Using Board Games to Develop Communication Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Klopotova E.E., Krupnova I.Y. Vestnik prakticheskoi psikhologii obrazovaniya = Bulletin of Psychological Practice in Education, 2020. Vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 41–50. doi:10.17759/bppe.2020170105. (In Russ., аbstr. in Engl.)
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  10. Features of preschoolers’ drawing activities with the help of traditional and electronic means. Klopotova E.E., Gazanchyan E.B. Modern preschool education. Theory and practice, 2017. No. 8, pp. 24–31
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