Adolescents’ On-line Romantic Experience under COVID-19

The Results of a Survey in Russia

Due to the pandemic, making friends and looking for romantic relationships off-line has become quite challenging. Thus, adolescents and young adults are now more likely to seek for them on virtual platforms. The phenomenon of on-line relationships attracts attention of sociologists, psychologists and other scholars.

In February 2021 Darya Shkrebo, a bachelor student of Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, conducted a pilot survey, focusing on the attitudes of young people to on-line romantic relationships. 53 young Moscow citizens aged from 14 do 34 (the major part of the participants was 21) filled in a questionnaire in Google forms. According to the self-report, at the moment of the study 58,5% participants were in a romantic relationship, 22,6% were interested in a romantic relationship, 11,3% were not interested and 7,5% reported not being in a relationship.

The data received is quite controversial. On the one hand, the majority of the participants (58,5%), reported having at least once found a romantic partner via Internet, and the majority also reported having friends or relatives who had positive experience of making friends on-line (84,9%). 69,8% regard Internet as a platform for finding “the right person for a serious relationship”. On the other hand, over half of the participants consider Internet as “an unsafe place for communication” (58,5%) and prefer making friends off-line. At the same time, 60,4% of the participants refer to the Internet as to the best accessible platform for communication under COVID-19.
The research is to be continued.

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